Large Volume Aquariums

Blue Whale Aquariums have set the standard in large volume tanks. The height of our tanks makes them unique. Our designs provide breath taking aquariums that support large fish species in both fresh and salt water.
BWA can plan, prepare, supply and install your new aquarium. Each tank is supplied with a design and construction certificate for your safety.

Standard or Custom

All our Aquariums are over 2000mm High, with a Min of 1500mm & Max of a mind blowing 5000mm 

Standard Aquarium sizes:
Orca - 3,000 L - 1500mm Wide
Hump Back - 7,500L - 2500mm Wide
Big Blue - 10,000L - 3900mm Wide

Big is always better!

Commissioning and running large Aquariums takes detailed planning. Our team will work with you and your local Aquarium store to plan every detail to ensure your new aquarium is a success. Ask us about the planning process. 

More than just the tank. There are many advantages to BWA set ups. They are portable from house to house, with a small crane. They do require an operations room to run the aquarium successfully.

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Site inspection, preparation & installation

BWA tanks are heavy. It is important to ensure the location of the tank is strong enough to support the system’s total weight and that access to install the tank is clear. Tanks are generally not assembled on site.

New Homes

Installing a Blue Whale Aquarium in a home that is not yet built is relatively easy. BWA will work with your builder to increase the concrete strength under the tank and lift the tank into place during the build. 

Existing Homes

Installing tanks in existing homes requires access planning and it is likely the that concrete slab will need modification. BWA can assist with site preparation, interior design and layout to simplify installation.  

Commercial installations

Commercial installations focus on access and public safety; typically construction plans are available and concrete slabs suitable without modification. 

Quality Engineering

If you are building an Aquarium over 900mm high that has a capacity of more than 500L ask for a design and construction certificate to warrant the tank complies to Australian Standards. All glass tanks over 900mm high may not be covered by your insurance in some instances.